I am married to Adriana-Livia Ştefănescu, born Mihăilescu, also a physicist, Dr.rer.nat. Univ.of Karlsruhe (1981)

-17th of August 1970 (civil marriage)

-4th of October 1970 - St.Visarion church in Bucharest

my family

We have two daughters:

Alexandra (b.1982)  Dr.iuris (2012,University of Freiburg); lawyer

Roxana (b.1987)     B.Mus.(2011,Hochschule für Musik und Gestaltung, Hamburg);M.Sc.(Financial Mathematics,2018, KIT,Univ.Karlsruhe); consultant in finances

We also have a grandson!

Aeneas Ioannis Beer

born on the 11th of January 2017 in Karlsruhe, son of Alexandra Stefanescu and Nikolaos Beer,musicologist